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Srikar Buddhiraju: All The Info

Thank you for visiting my website.

A simple activity becomes a discipline with consistency, and it further evolves into a habit and eventually to an intuitive mastery with the help of the tools of skill forgery viz., time and perseverance.

There is only becoming better than your yesterday's self, no failure!


I am introspective, which leads to various notions animating within me and nowhere to escape. Writing for me is innate and a way to express my thoughts, the philosophy and expound upon the world. I tend to think deeply about the working mechanisms of all things possible.


What is it? What does it mean?

Nādam is inspired by Shiva Purana as it indicates the duality of the first form of cosmic existence before the big bang of creation; Nādam & Bindu, with the latter being the feminine form of creation and the former, the masculine. They translate to Sound & Dot of a primordial nature.

Nādam is my pen name. I usually write poetic phrases and spiritual expressions. All the artistic writings that come through my intellect are associated with this pen name.

As I progressed through my life, I could not help but to express & document my experiences and the written form was what I was familiar with.

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